Saturday, November 21, 2015

Look No. 208: She Who Roams This Wasted Land

He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.
For the old order of things has passed away.
~ Revelations 21:4 ~

Hello again my lovelies! Today I'm going to show you a couple really cool and very sexy new releases from Mishmash Fusion.

The top and skirt are called Ambush. It is 100 percent mesh and both come in 5 standard mesh sizes. It also comes with some really cool wings that also come in the same 5 sizes. This outfit is available in 16 different colors which are all sold separately.

Even tho this is a mesh outfit, I was able to make it work with my Maitreya mesh body. There is a demo that you can try on and I do highly recommend picking it up if you want to see if you like the outfit on you and, for your mesh body lovers, if it will work with your mesh body of choice.

The sexy, thigh high, stiletto boots are called Sabotage. It can be worn with Slink High feet or you can use the provided alpha and shape for wearing without the Slink feet if you don't own it.

The boots come in 5 sizes ranging from XS to XL and as you can see, I had no issues using them with my Maitreya mesh body. These boots also come in 16 different colors that you can purchase separately.

Once in a while I will mention items from designers who are not my sponsors only because they really are THAT amazing and worth the mention.

The tattoo I'm wearing is from White Widow and I have used several of her items in my posts in the recent past. I think this particular tattoo really complements the outfit I'm wearing so I highly recommend picking it up...especially if you're considering this particular outfit by Mishmash Fusion.

The set of Ikon eyes I'm wearing today are from his Spectral Eyes collection and the color is called Passion. It's one of my favorite colors to wear.

The Spectral Eyes are available in 50 gorgeous colors. In each set you purchase, you'll receive five iris sizes in both system and mesh eyes. It also comes with a HUD specifically for the mesh eyes. The HUD will allow you to add effects like Glow and Full Bright. There is a demo at Ikon's main store that you can try on to see if these eyes are perfect for you.

Finally, I just want to ask that you check out both Mishmash Fusion and Ikon at their inworld and/or Marketplace stores. Also, join their groups so that you can take advantage of any group gifts and/or special group discounts that may be offered. Also, it's a great way to stay informed of any future new releases they do come out with.

Until next time...happy shopping!


Mishmash Fusion - Ambush - Scaled Leather Dark Brown *NEW RELEASE*

Mishmash Fusion - Sabotage - Scaled Leather Dark Brown *NEW RELEASE*

*I'm wearing the base with the goggles only*

*I'm wearing the cyberlox only*


White Widow - Whiplash - MeshBody Appliers

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Blasphemic - Eyeliner & Eyeshadow Fatpack
*I'm wearing the black eyeshadow*
Main Store

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