Sunday, February 9, 2014

Curvaciously Beautiful

"A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles"

~Wesley Ruggles~

Lucy Shape

Naomi Shape

In this post I decided to showcase a couple of very sexy shapes. The one thing I have learned in my almost five years in SL is that a lot of men love a woman with curves and here are two shapes that will certainly get some attention...Lucy and Naomi. MegraTigerllie is the designer of these sexy, curvy shapes and owner of Megra's House Of Random. The Naomi Shape is Megra's actual shape that she uses. So if you've been having trouble getting your curvy figure just right, or you don't have the Lindens to purchase Lola's or the Cute Azz, I highly suggest you give either one of these shapes a try; demos are available for both.


Megra's House of Random - Lucy $200L *NEW*

Megra's House of Random - Lucy $200L *NEW*

**These shapes do not come with the skin, eyes, hair or swimsuit included. It is strictly the shape only.**