Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Look No. 237: Christmas Erotica

I want you to take me some place
That I've never been before
I just can't control myself
I mean you don't want me
To control myself, do you?
~ My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ~

Hello again my lovelies!

Before I begin, I'd like all of you to meet my "man slave", Roman. He will be posing for me when needed so you'll become familiar with him.

Today I'm back with some Christmas sexiness from Lushish Catz, MODA Designs and PosESioN. Lushish Catz is back at Kinky Monthly's December round, MODA Designs is once again at Phat Fashion Fair and PosESioN's Erotic Christmas contest is still open for you to enter.

The December round of Kinky Monthly just opened and the uber sexy skirt and pasties I'm wearing is one of Lushish Catz's offerings there. It's not an exclusive as it is also being sold at both the inworld and Marketplace stores.

The skirt is 100% mesh that comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and special mesh sizes for Maitreya, TMP, Flow and Slink. The pasties are adjustable and resizeable. It also comes packed with the choker I'm wearing and  2 mistletoes: one you hold (as you see me holding it over my man slave's head) and the second one you can place anywhere on the ground.

The current round of Phat Fashion Fair is now open and these hot studded platforms is MODA Design's exclusive there. They are for Slink High feet only so be sure you already own the feet or head over to Slink's inworld store to pick them up before or after you purchase these sexy heels.

They come packed with this color HUD that gives you 30 MODA-custom colors on 4 faces for endless mixing and matching and you can choose between silver and gold studs and buckles.

In the beginning of this month, I had mentioned that PosESioN was holding a photography contest called Erotic Christmas.

The couple poses in my cover photo, this photo and the photo below are the 3 that are eligible to be used in this contest.

If you want to enter this contest, here is what you need to do.
  1. Go to PosESioN's inworld store and purchase one of the three Erotic Couple Poses I mentioned above.
  2. After you have shot and edited your photo, label it "Erotic Christmas Photo Contest - (Your Name)" and then upload it into PosESioN's Flickr contest group.
You can only enter one photograph but of course, if you like all three poses, feel free to purchase all of them and pick your best photograph for the contest. All submissions MUST be uploaded in the Flickr contest group by January 1st. The prizes are: 3000L for 1st place, 2000L for 2nd place and 1000L for 3rd place. Good luck to those of you who enter!

The set of eyes I'm wearing in this post is from Ikon's Triumph Eyes collection. The name of the color is Forest.

This is Ikon's latest release and each set of eyes comes packed with 5 iris sizes in both system and mesh eyes; along with a HUD for the mesh eyes that you can use to re-size, position and add cool effects like Glow, Full Bright and Flip.

At Ikon's inworld store, there are 42 fantastic colors to choose from and you can even pick up a free set of eyes to see if you like how they look on you.

The skin I'm wearing is from Hush Skins' latest release, Jasmine. The tone I'm wearing is called Vanilla. Each of the 12 skin tones in the Jasmine collection comes packed with mesh body appliers for Omega, Slink and Maitreya. They each also come with: a set of eyes, a set of eyelashes, 5 lip colors, 4 blushes, 6 cleavage options, 6 brow shades plus covers, face and body freckle options, 5 kitty options and a modifiable body shape. Each skin tone is sold separately or you can fatpack it if you want that option. If you use a mesh head, you can separately purchase mesh head skin appliers for Lelutka, Catwa and Omega.

The current round of Phat Fashion Fair ends this coming Sunday, December 27th. Kinky Monthly will be open until January 20, 2016. Submissions for PosESioN's Erotic Christmas Photo Contest must be in by January 1, 2016.

Please be sure to check out Lushish Catz, Moda Designs, PosESioN, Ikon and Hush Skins at both their inworld and Marketplace stores to see all they have to offer you. Also, if you have any space in your groups, please consider joining their VIP groups.

Finally, I do want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope it's a joyous one filled with wonderful memories and great food!

Until next time...happy shopping!


*Also available at the inworld store and on Marketplace*
Other Lushish Catz Information:
Inworld Store / Marketplace Store / Store Blog / Flickr

MODA Designs - Stacey Studded Platform Heels & HUD *EXCLUSIVE @ PHAT FASHION FAIR*
*The current round of the Phat Fashion Fair ends on Sunday, December 27th*
Other Important MODA Designs Information
Inworld Store / Marketplace Store / Flickr / Facebook

enVOGUE - Layka - Dark Reds

Dirty Princess - Twist Hoop Princess Mesh Earrings - Gold & Silver

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Hush Skins - Jasmine - Vanilla - Makeup 1
Inworld Store / Marketplace / Flickr / Store Blog

Lelutka - Mesh Head Stella

Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Forest
Inworld Store / Marketplace

Hush Skins - Lip Applier - Forbidden Apple
*Located at the front of the store below the Jasmine Mesh Head Appliers are sold*
Inworld Store / Marketplace / Flickr / Store Blog

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

P O S E S    U S E D
Photos #1, 6 & 7
PosESioN - Erotic III Couple Pose
PosESioN - Erotic II Couple Pose
PosESioN - Erotic I Couple Pose
*All eligible for Erotic Christmas Photo Contest*
Inworld Store / Marketplace / Facebook / Blog / Flickr

Photo #2
PosESioN - Keep Calm Couple Pose *GROUP GIFT*
Inworld Store / Marketplace / Facebook / Blog / Flickr

Photo #3
Sparrowtree Studio Poses - Mistletoe Pose

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