Monday, October 26, 2015

Look No. 186: Rollin' In My 5.0

I'm here to tell ya a little story 'bout my 5.0
Just a-lettin' ya know, I'm in total control
Oh yes many people know that I got good taste
And if the cops try to race in a high speed chase
I just laugh right in their face and say, YO
Don't even waste your time, see
'Cause I can red-line and leave you far behind
Because I'm out gettin' mine
And I'm sweatin' like steam and you can feel the flow
When I'm rollin' in my 5.0
~ Vanilla Ice ~

Hello again! I'm back from a weekend break and I'm bringing you new releases from B Bos. Also, I'm bringing you a great pair of sneakers from MODA Designs that I featured a couple weeks ago in a past post. I also want to introduce you to a car designer who cannot be outmatched. Finally, I'll show you another gorgeous color of eyes from Ikon's latest release, Triumph Eyes.

The cute top I'm wearing, called Sue Top, is 100% mesh and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes. There are a total of 12 different tops available that can be purchased separately or as a fatpack. The top isn't fitted mesh but if you keep your shape close to "normal" you should be able to wear your mesh body; however, I highly suggest trying on the free demo prior to purchase to make sure it will fit just as you like.

The sweatpants I'm wearing are called Any Sweatpants. This is also 100% mesh and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes. There are a total of 7 different ones available that can be purchased separately or as a fatpack. As in the case of the Sue Top, you can probably wear this with your mesh body if you keep your shape close to "normal". But do try on the free demo to ensure you are happy with the fit.

Better yet! Run to B Bos' main store, join their group and pick up the gray pair, shown in the ad to the right, for free! It only costs 50L to join their group so you'll save 120L (plus you'll get the male version that  you can transfer to your honey or bestie).

The shoes I'm wearing are the female version Wyn Punk Trainers by MODA Designs. I say the "female version" because MODA also came out with a version for men. You'll need flat feet (feet sold separately) to wear these shoes.

It It comes with MODA's trademark 30-color/texture HUD so you can mix and match colors/metals to your hearts desire. There is a demo available for a cost of 1 Linden. I highly recommend you try it on prior to purchasing the actual shoe to ensure a great fit.

The nail color I'm wearing is by Pulcino. It comes with a 10-color HUD and there are some gorgeous colors on it. This polish is for Slink hands only. I highly recommend checking out Pulcino for your nail polish needs because there are some really amazing colors here and they are quite inexpensive.

Once again, I am wearing the Triumph Eyes from Ikon. The gorgeous color I'm wearing today is called, Soldier. They come packaged with both system and mesh eyes. A HUD is provided for the mesh eyes that will allow you to choose from regular or dark sclera (eye whites) textures and add fun FX like glow, full bright and flip. They are available in 42 gorgeous colors. A demo is available for your to try to make sure you are happy with the way they look and fit.

Photograph by: Johanna Frost

Finally, I want to mention the car in my very first photograph above. It was created by the best car builder on the grid, Pretender Pizzaro, owner and CEO of Pizzified. The car is the 1993 5.0 Droptop Revamp. As  you can see in the the picture to the left, it's got an amazing stereo system (comes pre-loaded with 29 songs) and a gorgeous leather interior. The doors, hood and trunk open up and it comes with quite an extensive menu that includes a 71-color system. What I really love about this can drive it with the top up or down. Be sure to check out Pizzified's Marketplace store for his huge selection of vehicles.

Well, that is all for now. Until next time...happy shopping!



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B Bos - Sue Top - Hand *NEW RELEASE*

B Bos - Any Sweatpants - White-Black *NEW RELEASE*

MODA Designs - Wyn Punk Trainers (Female Version)




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Sugarush - Elsa -  Bronze - 06 - Eyebrow NB


Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Soldier



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All poses by PosESion

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