Saturday, November 26, 2016

Look No. 433: I'm Feelin' A Little Sexy Tonight

Hello again my lovelies!

I'm back with an uber sexy exclusive from BF Clothing and Accessories that you can find at Enchantment (closes on November 30th). I also have another amazing anyBODY exclusive (closes on November 30th) from Identity Body Shop. Also, MKP Poses has just released the sexy pose that I'm using in the cover photo above. Finally, I have a non-sponsor item from Rekt I want to highlight that's an exclusive at We Love Role-Play (ends November 30th) because I absolutely adore her to pieces. I hope you like what I have to show you.

Until next time...happy shopping!

.....::::: B O D Y    H A R NE S S :::::.....
BF Clothing & Accessories - Alexies Harness *EXCLUSIVE @ ENCHANTMENT*
100% original fitted mesh made to fit Maitreya Lara mesh body only • Comes packed with a color/texture HUD giving you a choice of 9 colors (grey, black, dark pink, light pink, purple, lavender, light blue, olive and yellow) and silver and gold metal options

Important BF CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES store information:

Owner/Designer: Sonnya Finesmith
.....::::: T A T T O O :::::.....
Identity Body Shop - Mystical Way *EXCLUSIVE @ ANYBODY*
Tattoo layers for classic bodies and appliers for TMP, Maitreya Lara, WoWMeh, Belleza and Omega-compatible mesh bodies
Important IDENTITY BODY SHOP store information:
Owner/Designer: Melissa Hindrabar

Brought to you by Flair For Events
.....::::: N I P P L E    C O V E R S :::::.....
Promagic - Slutty - Pasties - Black
Owner/Designer: Promagic
.....::::: H A I R :::::.....
Argrace - Nao - Blacks
Owner/Designer: Rika Oyen

.....::::: B O O T S :::::.....
Empire - Zenobia
Owner/Designer: QueenShop

.....::::: B O D Y    U S E D :::::.....
Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara v3.5
Owner/Designer: Onyx Leshelle

.....::::: N A I L S :::::.....
Formanails - Bubble Nails - Maitreya Hands
Also made for Slink Casual and Elegant (NOT Elegant 1) and classic hands • Comes packed with color/texture HUD shown below

Owner/Designer: Ivi Bing
.....::::: R I N G S :::::.....
Kibitz - Nightmare Ring Set - Silver
Owner/Designer: Kathya Szczepanski

.....::::: E A R S :::::.....
Mandala - Taper Ears - Female
Owner/Designer: Kikunosuke Eel

.....::::: M E S H    H E A D    &    A P P L I E R    U S E D :::::.....
Fiore - Mesh Head Precious v2.1
Fiore - Jing Mesh Head Applier SPF15
Owner/Designer: Sanya Bilavio

.....::::: H O M E    D E C O R :::::.....
Rekt - Iron Room Divider *EXCLUSIVE @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY*
Original mesh • Materials enabled • 22 land impact • Copy/modify/no transfer

Rekt - Vintage Satin Bed - Adult
Original mesh • A Romance/PG version is also available • The blanket is a separate piece • 6 land impact without the blanket and 14 land impact with the blanket • Copy/modify/no transfer

Important REKT store information:

Owner/Designer: Faith Rekt
E.V.E - Xmas Snow Flake Light Ivy Tree M01
Owner/Designer: Noke Yuitza

.....::::: F E A T U R E D    P O S E    U S E D :::::.....
MKP Poses - Bedroom Eyes *NEW RELEASE*
Comes packed with 1 pose ball, 1 freestanding animation and a reference photograph • Copy/modifiable/no transfer

Owner/Designer: Masque Kohime

.....::::: O T H E R    P O S E S    U S E D :::::.....
Artis Poses - Get Down
Owner/Designer: Tamara Artis

Infiniti - Handy - Pose 1
Owner/Designer: Brandi Monroe

.....::::: L I G H T I N G :::::.....
Creator: Stefan Buscaylet
.....::::: P H O T O G R A P H Y    L O C A T I O N :::::.....
Photography Studio @ Violette's Closet

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