Thursday, May 25, 2017

Look No. 449: It's Not The Dress But What's Underneath That Counts

Hello again my lovelies!

A new round of Uber will be opening today and once again, {ViSion} -S&F will be participating in this very popular event. It's a sexy lingerie set called Naomi. It's a 3-piece set consisting of bra, corset/garters and panties. It's 100% original mesh made to fit Belleza Isis/Venus/Freya, Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass/Physique mesh bodies. It will be available in a multitude of colors for you to choose from but of course, if you can't just pick out one or two colors, you can always grab the fatpack. A demo is available at the event.

The beautiful tattoo I'm wearing is from Carol G. Tattoo Wear called Indian. It's her exclusive at the current round of Lost & Found (closes June 18th). This is an applier only tattoo for Belleza, Slink, TMP, Maitreya Lara and Omega-compatible mesh bodies. It's available in black and red ink.

A new round of Cosmopolitan (closes June 3rd) is underway and G&D is back with another amazing set of heels called Original Sin. The heels are 100% original mesh made to fit Belleza, Slink and Maitreya Lara high mesh feet. It comes packed with 20-color HUD and a silver/gold option for the buckle and the snake wrapped around the heel of the shoes. As always, a demo is available.

I have another eBento (closes June 7th) item for you and this time it's from Altamura. It's the new Bento head that was first revealed at the Skin Fair back in March called Monique. It is Omega compatible so it will work beautifully with your favorite Omega compatible skin appliers (the Omega HUD is available for purchase at Altamura's main store). In this post I am wearing the shape that comes with the shape and I made no modifications to the face/head but I did modify the body to my preferred slider numbers. If you like this head and want to know more details about it, I recommend reading Strawberry Singh's blog where she gets pretty in-depth about this Bento head. Now I will say this, Strawberry was not a fan of this head because it gave her a mature look but I actually like this head and plan to use it again in future posts. You can pick up this, and other Altamura heads, at eBento at a 25% discount.

Finally, Chez Moi is back at Tres Chic (closes on June 5th) with a pretty vanity set called Watercolor. It comes with 16 adjustable animations  (all menu controlled) and rezzing props when animations are chosen. The vanity is copy/modifiable and the total land impact is 16. Give it a try at the demo at the event. I think you'll really like it a lot!

I hope you like what I have to show you. Until next time...happy shopping!

⊰♥⊱ L I N G E R I E ⊰♥⊱
{ViSion} -S&F - Naomi Lingerie Set - Black *EXCLUSIVE @ UBER*

Important {VISION} -S&F store information

Owner/Designer: Pjey Pearl

⊰♥⊱ T A T T O O ⊰♥⊱
Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Indian Tattoo - Black *EXCLUSIVE @ LOST & FOUND*

Important CAROL G. TATTOO WEAR store information

Owner/Designer: Carolina Gaelyth

⊰♥⊱ F O O T W E A R ⊰♥⊱
G&D - Sandals Original Sin *EXCLUSIVE @ COSMOPOLITAN*

Important G&D store information

Owner/Designer: Diamanda Allen

⊰♥⊱ B O D Y    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara v4.1
Owner/Designer: Onyx Leshelle

⊰♥⊱ H A I R ⊰♥⊱
Truth Hair - Cerys - Blondes
Owner/Designer: Truth Hawks

⊰♥⊱ E A R R I N G S ⊰♥⊱
Maxi Gossamer - Athena Earrings
Owner/Designer: Maxi Gossamer

⊰♥⊱ M E S H / B E N T O    H E A D    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Altamura - "MONIQUE" Bento Head v0.35 *25% OFF @ EBENTO*

Important ALTAMURA store information

Owner/Designer: Rumegusc Altamura

eBento Blog

⊰♥⊱ E Y E S    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Industrial
Owner/Designer: Ikon Innovia

⊰♥⊱ S K I N    A P P L I E R   U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Glam Affair - Sia Applier for LOGO - 02 - Exotic
Owner/Designer: Aida Ewing

⊰♥⊱ F E A T U R E D    H O M E    D E C O R    I T E M ⊰♥⊱
Chez Moi - Watercolor Vanity *EXCLUSIVE @ TRES CHIC*

Important CHEZ MOI store information

Owner/Designer: Nanda Marjetz

⊰♥⊱ O T H E R    H O M E    D E C O R    I T E M ( S ) ⊰♥⊱
Bazar - Glam-Closet Female
Owner/Designer: Ria Bazar

{What Next} Home & Garden - Pothos House Plant
Owner/Designer: Winter Thorn

⊰♥⊱ P O S E ( S )    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Di's Opera - Grace Series 1 - Pose 1
Owner/Designer: Di Hoorenbeek

⊰♥⊱ L I G H T I N G ⊰♥⊱
LUMIPro 2017 v3
Creator: Stefan Buscaylet

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