Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gothic and Fabulous

"Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality."

~ Karl Lagerfeld ~

Bella Gothic Dress

Maylo Designs Olympus (Collar, Earrings, & Bracelet)

Kalabrie Allstar, designer and owner of Zeitgeist, designed this fabulous gothic mesh dress she calls Bella. I love how she designed this semi-formal dress. A semi-sweetheart corset top that gently pushes up on the bust and how it shows off the curves of your hips, with an understated print on the front with a flowing high-low skirt attached to it. The low, square neckline accentuates the neck giving you enough space for whatever piece of jewelry you choose to wear....or you can wear nothing at all if you want to bring attention to your gorgeous neck. (A beautiful neck is incredibly sexy  you know.) The sleeves are tight around the shoulders and down to the elbows and then falls freely in a fabulous flair sleeves that fall past the fingertips. The edges of the skirt and flair sleeves are trimmed in lace. There are four black bows on the dress: one on each side of the hips where the corset ends and the skirt begins and the other two on each sleeve where the flair begins. If you want to see the back of the dress, please check out Zeitgeist's page.

The dress flows beautifully when you walk and when you are whisked around the dance floor by a handsome man. It is, in a word...feminine. and when you put it on, you feel feminine. If goth is your style, then this is the dress for you.


*Z*E*I*T*G*E*I*S*T* - Bella Gothic Dress $129L

Also available at
Club Ascension Mall

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Maylo Designs - Olympus Set $99L

*Lip piercing and chain are not available for sale*

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Female Mandala Nail Palette 1/Super Long $597L

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