Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Look No. 468: anyBODY Goes Bi-Weekly and July's First Round Opens Today

Hello again my lovelies!

For the last year, I have had the pleasure of blogging for the anyBODY event. For the past year, anyBODY has always been a monthly event. Well, in June, the powers that be at Flair For Events has decided to make a change to the event. I'm excited to tell you that what was once was a monthly event is now a bi-weekly event. The first round of July's anyBODY opens today at 8AM SLT and will run until July 15th. The event poster below will show you all the amazing designers will be participating in the first round.

In this post, I will be highlighting anyBODY event exclusives from NY:NE and Merlific, a new store release from MODA Designs and one of Exile Hair's exclusives at Hair Fair 2017 (ends July 16th) and Egozy's exclusive for July's LeLutka Powder Pack that was just released.

The beautiful red dress I'm wearing is from NY:NE and it's called Lace Up Dress. This is a fitted mesh dress made to fit Belleza Isis/Venus/Freya, Slink Hourglass/Physique and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies.

As you can see in the photo above, there are several HUD options to choose from: Aqua to Blue, Green to Olive, Hipster, Pink to Purple, White to Black and Yellow to Red. Now since I get a bloggers pack, I don't know if the harness and chain I'm wearing comes in each pack but if not, they can be purchased separately should you choose.

The amazing boots I'm wearing is an original mesh creation from MODA Designs called Alana Thigh High Boots. These boots are made to fit Belleza Isis/Venus/Freya, Slink Hourglass/Physique, Maitreya Lara and Sking Katena bodies/feet. Now in the photo above, you are seeing a clear body and color body versions. These are not two different boot versions. The amazing color/texture HUD that comes packed with the boots allows you to change the body to a clear version.

The big news of the month is the opening of one of Second Life's biggest event...Hair Fair 2017 (closes July 16th). My hair is one of Exile Hair's exclusive at this awesome event called Bad At Love. There are 10 color pack options and a fatpack; each comes with 4 versions: regular size mesh, large mesh, regular size Bento and large Bento. The Bento versions moves as if being blown by summer's soft, warm breeze.

As a side note, one of the great things about Hair Fair is that a portion of all sales goes to the Wigs for Kids charity. For over 3 decades, Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost. So I hope you will go and buy even just one color pack because every penny counts.

The super cool nails I'm wearing is from Merlific called Dona Square Nails. These nails will work with Slink, Vista and Maitreya Bento Hands. When you go to Merlific's booth at the anyBODY event (closes July 15th), you'll notice a large board and below it will be several smaller boards each showing a different color/texture HUDS you can purchase to give your nails all sorts of different looks. You have to purchase the nails (the big board) and then purchase whatever HUDs (the smaller boards) you want. Of course when you buy the nails they come with their own color/texture HUD; which in itself is pretty nice.

The final item that I'm featuring in this post is the skin applier that I'm wearing from Egozy called Alessia. It's an applier specifically for LeLutka heads that was an exclusive at the recently released Powder Pack for LeLutka. It comes packed with 6 skin tone options (porcelain, pale, light fair, fair, tan and golden), body appliers (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and Omega-compatible) and 6 lipstick options. With each head applier, you'll get a choice of 4 brow options that includes a no-brow option. If you want this skin applier, you'll have to go to Powder Pack's inworld headquarters and purchase the LeLutka's box for July.

I hope you like what I have to show you. Until next time...happy shopping!


⊰♥⊱ M Y    S T Y L E    N O T E S ⊰♥⊱

D R E S S 
NY:NE - Lace Up Dress - Orange to Red HUD *EXCLUSIVE @ ANYBODY*

Important NY:NE store information

Owner/Designer: Nyuu Neiro

MODA Designs - Alana Thigh High Boots & HUD *NEW STORE RELEASE*

Where To Buy

Other important MODA DESIGNS store information

Owner/Designer: Eonla

Exile Hair - Bad At Love - Blondes HUD *EXCLUSIVE @ HAIR FAIR*

Important EXILE HAIR store information

Owner/Designer: Kavar Cleanslate

B O D Y    U S E D
Belleza - Mesh Body Freya v2.01

Where To Buy

Other important BELLEZA store information
Facebook • Flickr 1 • Flickr 2 • Plurk • YouTube • Store Blog

Owner/Designer: Tricky Boucher

N A I L S    U S E D
Merlific - Dona Square Nails *EXCLUSIVE @ ANYBODY*

Merlific - Dona Nails Additional Textures HUD 3 *EXCLUSIVE @ ANYBODY*

Important MERLIFIC store information

Owner/Designer: Merl2010

H A N D S    U S E D
Vista Animations - Bento Prohands Female v2
Owner/Designer: Vistamesh

Dirty Princess - Twist Hoop Princess Mesh Earrings - Gold/Silver
Owner/Designer: Skyler Lebed

M E S H / B E N T O    H E A D    U S E D

LeLutka - Bento Head "Simone" v2.7
Owners/Designers: Minnu Palen, Mel Vanbeeck, Thora Charron and JadenArt

E Y E S    U S E D
Ikon - Sovereign Eyes - Evening
Owner/Designer: Ikon Innovia

S K I N / A P P L I E R    U S E D
Egozy - Alessia LeLutka Applier - Tan *JULY LELUTKA POWDER PACK EXCLUSIVE*

Important EGOZY store information

Owners/Designers: Ritamya Miles & Nicole Button

P O S E ( S )    U S E D
ProPose - Female Runway 1 - Pose 3 Mirror

ProPose - Styling - Pose 8
Owner/Designer: ProPoses

B A C K D R O P    U S E D
Anxiety - Sunday Pack - Eleven
Owner/Designer: Max1ma

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