Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Look No. 404: Sadie

Hello again my lovelies!

So for my final post for February, I going to show you a sexy new catsuit from Blasphemic. It's called Sofia Catsuit. This catsuit was only made to fit Omega-compatible mesh bodies. You have 6 color options to choose from or you can purchase it in a fatpack.

Kinky Monthly opened today and Phoenix Hair is released an exclusive called Nancy. As always, you'll have 9 color packs to choose from. In each of the color packs you'll get a rigged version, fitted mesh and an extra + size for the curvy ladies. For those of you in Phoenix Hair's VIP group, will get to use the additional Rainbow pack that's tossed in each of the color packs. A fatpack and demo are available.

Another round of Cosmopolitan opened yesterday and G&D is back with another pair of gorgeous heels called Briana. It's 100% original mesh and textures made to fit Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and TMP high feet. Below is a photo of the 18-color HUD that's included with these heels.

Finally, WoW Skins is participating in the March Round of Buy Now that takes place on Marketplace. It's a new Catwa Bento applier called Nina. You get a choice of 6 skin tone options with each tone giving you a dark brow option/no-brow option and a copy/modifiable shape (I'm using the Nina shape in this post). Body and hands/feet appliers are sold separately. I have discovered that WoW Skins' Omega applier works great with Vista's Bento hands. Buy Now opens on March 1st.

I hope you like what I have to show you. Until next time...happy shopping!
⊰♥⊱ Violette ⊰♥⊱

⊰♥⊱ C A T S U I T ⊰♥⊱
Blasphemic - Sofia Catsuit - Pink *NEW STORE RELEASE*

Where To Buy

Important BLASPHEMIC store information

Owner/Designer: Kalabrie Allstar

⊰♥⊱ B O D Y    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara v3.5
Owner/Designer: Onyx Leshelle

⊰♥⊱ F O O T W E A R ⊰♥⊱

Important G&D store information

Owner/Designer: Diamanda Allen

⊰♥⊱ H A I R ⊰♥⊱
Phoenix Hair - Nancy Hair - Black &Whites *EXCLUSIVE @ KINKY MONTHLY*

Important PHOENIX HAIR store information

Owners/Designers: Lilly Herberg and xXRyvenXx Resident

⊰♥⊱ C H O K E R ⊰♥⊱
Atomic - Corset Choker - Onyx *EXCLUSIVE @ N21*
Owner/Designer: Ivy Graves

⊰♥⊱ M E S H / B E N T O    H E A D    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Catwa - Catya (Bento) v1.8
Owner/Designer: Catwa Clip

⊰♥⊱ E Y E S ⊰♥⊱
Ikon - Hope Eyes - Iron
Owner/Designer: Ikon Innovia

⊰♥⊱ M E S H / B E N T O    H E A D    A P P L I E R    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
WoW Skins - Nina Catwa Applier - Tan *EXCLUSIVE @ BUY NOW*

Important WoW SKINS store information

Owner/Designer: Sawsan SecretSpy

⊰♥⊱ P O S E S    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Le Poppycock - Raw B - Just Somebody
Owner/Designer: Julliette Bade and Olivia Lalonde

⊰♥⊱ L I G H T I N G ⊰♥⊱
Creator: Stefan Buscaylet

⊰♥⊱ P H O T O G R A P H Y    L O C A T I O N ⊰♥⊱

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