Friday, July 11, 2014

Piecing It Together

"Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas...but what makes it new, is the way you put it together."

I was rummaging through my closet and found a skirt I had completely forgotten about because it has been almost a year since I last wore it.  Sadly, this tells you how much my closet has expanded since I purchased it too. It took some searching to find the right top to go with the skirt but I remained patient and after a while I found one that I was happy with. Then I remembered the cute black stockings with skulls stamped all over them and added that and decided what would tie the outfit together would be some combat boots and the a posture collar. When I was done, I fell in love with the final product...the cute little number in the photograph above.

The pleated mini skirt is from HOC Industries. It comes in a multitude of plaid, tweed and other colors which are all fully HUD controlled allowing you to change the textures anytime. It also includes six group exclusives which can be activated when wearing the HOC group tag. The rigged mesh skirt comes with all standard sizes included so you'll be able to find the size that fits you best.

The bra and fish net top come from Alyce's Hussy Outfit (minus the leather mini skirt and black calf boots). It is rigged mesh and comes in all standard sizes.

So when you are low on funds or tired of the same old outfits, take the time to pull a skirt, pants or shorts from one outfit and pair it with a cute top from another. You'll be amazed with what you will come up with.

Until next time...happy shopping!

~*~ Violette ~*~

Style Notes

BRA & FISHNET TOP: Alyce - Hussy Outfit
SKIRT: HOC Industries - Pleated Skirt
STOCKINGS: TartCake - Sheer Socks Skully
BOOTS: Corvus - Black Combat Boots

HAIR: Truth - Blythe - Blondes *New*

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