Thursday, April 20, 2017

Look No. 432: The End Of An Era

Hello again my lovelies!

Many of you may already heard that Christel Morane, owner/designer of Delirium Style, has announced that after 9 long years, she has decided to close Delirium Style both inworld and on Marketplace. Her words are as follows:

Hey my lovies,

Its with mixed feeling I'm telling you, that Delirium Style will close this month.

So, its the end of an era and the end of a fantastic adventure....
But its time to move on and start new things. Delirium Style has been my baby for 9 years now, and with my family, friends and amazing staff, we made DS a huge success! Special HUGE thank you to Hera my wife, Splixxen and Tailiea that was with me from the beginning. I can never thank you 3 enough for what you have done for me.

I want to thank each and everyone of my staff, present and from the past. Models, managers and bloggers. THANK YOU so much for your dedication and hard work. I have been so blessed to have all of you supporting me and helping me for all these years.

HUGE thank you to my customers who have been supporting for all these years.

The last 2-3 years have been really hard for me, I have struggled and the work has been out of joy for me. I made my self a promise 6-7 years ago. When the joy of creating is gone, I will close Delirium Style. So this is it.

The SIM will close 28th this month. We will run a goodbye sale from today 'til that date. DS clothing will never be sold after this sale, not on MP or inworld. I will announce when the sale opens.

Best wishes

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about this news because I have been shopping at Delirium Style for more than half those 9 years. I have only blogged for the store since August of last year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Last month I had the honor of being chosen Blogger of the Month which overjoyed me to no end. So I just want to take a moment to thank Christel Morane for her amazing designs and for giving me the opportunity to blog for her store that will be missed by many.

Please be sure to get over to Delirium Style's inworld store and take advantage of her closing sale where everything has been marked 60% off.

I hope you like what I have to show you in this post. Until next time...happy shopping!
⊰♥⊱ Violette ⊰♥⊱

⊰♥⊱ O U T F I T ⊰♥⊱
Delirium Style - Faith Shorts and Tank - Blue

Where To Buy

Important DELIRIUM STYLE store information

Owner/Designer: Christel Morane

⊰♥⊱T A T T O O ⊰♥⊱
Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Shoal Tattoo - Black *EXCLUSIVE @ SHINY SHABBY*

Important CAROL G. TATTOO WEAR store information

Owner/Designer: Carolina Gaelyth

⊰♥⊱ H A I R ⊰♥⊱
Exile Hair - Feels Like Tonight - Blondes *EXCLUSIVE @ COLLABOR88*

Important EXILE HAIR store information

Owner/Designer: Kavar Cleanslate

⊰♥⊱ F O O T W E A R ⊰♥⊱
KC Couture - Alexia Sneaker Boots

Where To Buy

Important KC COUTURE store information

Owner/Designer: Klari55a

⊰♥⊱ B O D Y    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Belleza - Mesh Body Venus - Full
Owner/Designer: Tricky Boucher

⊰♥⊱ N A I L / T O E    A P P L I E R    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Dark Passions-Koffin Nails - Night Glimmer *EXCLUSIVE @ COSMETICS FAIR*

Important DARK PASSIONS-KOFFIN NAILS store information

Owner/Designer: Bcreative Wilde

⊰♥⊱ M E S H / B E N T O    H E A D    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Catwa - Lilo (Bento) v2.11
Owner/Designer: Catwa Clip

⊰♥⊱ S H A P E    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
[West End] - Uma for Catwa Lilo Bento Head *NEW GROUP GIFT*

Where To Buy

Important [WEST END] store information

Owners/Designers: Beloved Ruby, Chezzy Slade and Tawny Dinzeo

⊰♥⊱ E Y E S    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
Ikon - Sovereign Eyes - Evening
Owner/Designer: Ikon Innovia

⊰♥⊱ S K I N    A P P L I E R    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
WoW Skins - Rosy Catwa Bento Applier - Caffe *NEW STORE RELEASE*

Where To Buy

Important WOW SKINS store information

Owner/Designer: Sawsan SecretSpy

⊰♥⊱ P O S E S    U S E D ⊰♥⊱
[West End] - My Time - Pose 01 *EXCLUSIVE @ POSE FAIR*

Important [WEST END] store information

Owners/Designers: Beloved Ruby, Chezzy Slade and Tawny Dinzeo

An Lar Poses - The Catherine Series - Two *EXCLUSIVE @ POSE FAIR*
Owner/Designer: Katya Valeska

Kokolores - Portrait Me - Pose 3 Mirror
Owner/Designer: Leyla Flux

⊰♥⊱ P H O T O G R A P H Y    L O C A T I O N ⊰♥⊱

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