Monday, April 7, 2014

Rock His World

"One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she's sexy."

~ Scarlett Johansson ~

It has been almost two months since I've blogged any outfits due to both my real life and second life getting so busy. However, when I saw this outfit by Heydra, I licked my lips and knew I just had to have it and would be nuts not to show it off. So, here I am.

Heydra Starfall named this mesh gem, Abby. Personally, I love the leather jeggings because if your a shoe addict like me, it takes me forever to decide which pair of shoes or boots to wear with an outfit; and yes, I do have my favorites, or "go to" shoes/boots, if I'm in a pinch. With the jeggings, I don't have to worry about this because as you can see in the photos, it's got shoes. The top is sexy as hell and the best part about it...if you're a mix and match kind of person, you can wear it with other pants, jeans and skirts you have in your closet.

Ladies, if you want to rock your man's world, or any man's world for that matter, this is the outfit to do it in. You will certainly turn heads wherever you go wearing this. Happy shopping!

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