Monday, September 23, 2013

Indyra Originals Expands On The Popular J'aime Wet & Dry Tank & Jeans

"The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

J'aime Wet & Dry Tanks & Jeans Set the "dry" look

J'aime Wet & Dry Tanks & Jeans Set the "wet" look

There are great mesh designers who are still making non-mesh clothing and Indyra Originals is one of them. One of her newest releases is an expansion of the popular J'aime Wet & Dry Tank & Jeans. The original outfit only came in the white tank and jeans with an oversized rhinestone encrusted belt. This new release comes with the original white tank along with seven additional gorgeous, bright colors (see the photos below). The jeans have been re-designed with a cute embroidered waistband. In addition to all that, Indyra has included a Lola applier HUD.

As you can see, this outfit is made for the modest and the not so modest. Either way you choose to wear the top with the adorable jeans, you feel INCREDIBLY sexy wearing it.


Indyra Original - J'aime Wet & Dry Tanks & Jeans Set: Lola Tango Edition: All Colors $595L

EMO-tions - Ariadne - Naturals $245L

Chop Zuey Coture - Heart Flame Choker in white gold with black diamonds $499L

Chop Zuey Coture - Hana-Shobu Belly Ring $199L

RE - LUX Liana - Set - Rocker Pack $299L


J'aime Wet & Dry Tanks & Jeans Set - Tank Colors

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