My Mission Statement

I will only blog skins, clothing, shoes, hair, tattoos, poses and accessories from designers that I will stand behind 100%. If I won't wear or use it outside of this blog, I won't feature it.

I believe there is beauty in simplicity so I try to keep my styling and any photo editing as simple as possible...unless I do something different like fantasy or whatever whim I get.

One of my biggest beefs with a lot of designer ads and blogger photos is they can be very deceiving. I don't like to be deceived. Yes, the ads and photos are very beautiful but I want to see what I'm going to get. 

I do use Photoshop but I use it very minimally. Take the photo above as an example. I changed the windlight inworld and in Photoshop I brightened it a little, softened it up a bit and added some contrast to make some of the details pop.

I want you to see as close to the true colors of what you're actually going to get if you decide to purchase something I post about; however, I do play with windlighting so sometimes that has a slight effect but with that being said, I will try to fix that issue with my LUMIPro.

I ONLY fix the imperfections that may occur when using certain poses in Second Life (i.e. when hair impales my avatar in places it shouldn't, and wouldn't, in the real world) and, like the photo above, add contrast and soften....sometimes I'll blur a photo. If I do decide to get fancy with a cover photo (because once in a while I do like to get "fancy", in the body of my post you'll see much less edited photos.
I promise NOT to fix clothing to make it fit perfectly with Photoshop because I believe that sort of practice is unethical and I don't want to deceive you, the consumer. I always make sure what I wear fits as perfectly as possible on my avatar. So yes, I have no issues with editing my basic shape.


  1. Ummmm...I know this is an older post. I really do applaud your philosophy and it's one of the reasons this is my favorite SL fashion blog. With that in mind...what are you wearing in this? ;)

    1. Hi Keyli! Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like my blog :) The top I'm wearing is from Apple May called Tied Tops in pink. The socks are from Envious called Nicki Stockings. The hair is D!va's Mimi Hair (Type A). Unfortunately, I seemed to have lost the cute little goggles I'm wearing in my massive inventory and I was unable to find it on Marketplace so my apologies for that but really any goggles will work. I hope this helps you :)

    2. Thank you! Shopping time! <3

    3. You're most welcome! Happy shopping! ♥